Welcome to Cubs

Welcome to another year of fun at Cubs!
Your life in the jungle has just begun! New adventures are waiting for you and the other Cubs in your pack. Along the way, you'll learn to do all sorts of fun and challenging things...like:

A few things to know...

I'm a Tenderpad?
At your very first Cub meeting, you may have noticed your leaders called you a "Tenderpad." Wonder why? Well, the name "Tenderpad" means the soft skin on the bottom of a real wolf cub's feet. The older wolves help the Tenderpads learn about the pack, and while they learn, the cub's feet grow tough. Soon, you’ll be ready to follow the pack on adventures.

There are four Tenderpad requirements you must pass before you become a Wolf Cub:

1. Repeat and explain the Wolf Cub Promise and the Wolf Cub Law
2. Perform the Grand Howl with other Cubs
3. Demonstrate the Cub Salute and handshake, and repeat the Cub Motto
4. Read or listen to the story of Lord Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouts.

Your leaders will explain all these things to you, or you can check them out in The Cub Book.

Who are my leaders?
Your leaders may be called, Akela, Raksha, Bagheera or Baloo. These are names of characters in the Jungle Book, a book written by Rudyard Kipling, long ago. It's the story of Mowgli, a young boy who is raised by animal friends in the jungle, and the basis for the Wolf Cub program.

How do I fit in with the other Cubs?
You'll become part of a smaller group called a "Six", a group of Cubs just like you. One of the group will be chosen as the leader - he or she is called a "Sixer." There will also be an assistant called a "Second."

What do I wear?
You get to wear a new Wolf Cub uniform, and you'll be given a Pack neckerchief.

Can I earn badges?
You sure can! Once you become a Wolf Cub, you can do all sorts of things to earn badges in Wolf Cub Activity areas like...The Natural World, Outdoor Activity, Creative Expression, Health and Fitness, Home and Community, and Canada and the World. You may wear all your badges on your Cub sash.

Wolf Cub Promise:
I promise to do my best
To love and serve God, to do my duty to the Queen;
To keep the law of the Wolf Cub pack,
And to do a good turn for somebody every day.

Wolf Cub Law:
The Cub respects the Old Wolf,
The Cub respects himself/herself.

Un louveteau respecte le Vieux Loup;

Un louveteau se respecte.

Wolf Cub Motto:
Do Your Best
Fais de ton mieux.

Grand Howl 

A-h-h  K-a-y  L-a-a

W-e-e-l-l  d-o-o  o-o-u-u-r  BEST!

D-Y-Y-Y-B, D-Y-Y-Y-B, D-Y-Y-Y-B, D-Y-Y-Y-B

(draw this out like a wolf howl)

W-e-e-l-l  DOB, DOB, DOB, DOB!"

(make it sound like short, sharp barks)


DYB (pronounced "dib") means Do Your Best, and

We'll DOB, DOB, DOB, DOB means we'll Do Our Best

A-a-a  K-é-é  La-a
De... no... tre... mieux !
De... vo... tre... mieux !
(sur le ton d’un défi)
Oui, de...no... tre... mieux!
(D’une voix ferme et déterminée)
Faire de son mieux est la devise du louveteau, c’est donc avec enthousiasme que tu relèveras le défi.

Welcome to the Jungle, Wolf Cub!